Wrestling is a combat sport. Before you can try this sport, make sure that your arms and legs are strong enough. In every competition, there should be a winner. This kind of sport needs a great effort and continuous practice. Your body should always be in a good condition.

What are the rules in wrestling?

In Combat Wrestling, you must be a professional wrestler. So, there are certain rules to follow before you can join a wrestling competition. Actually, combat wrestling is also for young kids from ages 10-17. For 18 years and above, they belong to the adults category. In terms of age, you can be qualified, however, there are more qualifications you need to pass before you can finally join the competition.


For men who are planning to join the combat wrestling competition, make sure that your weight ranges from 52-100 or more kilograms. If your body built is big, that’s good. But, if you are thin, well, think it for many times if you will really join such competition. But if you think you can defeat your enemy, why not?

For women, make sure that your weight is from 48 kg up to 80 kg or more.

How to win?

  • The player with the bigger score wins.
  • Technically, a player wins if he or she has a 12 points score difference with his or her opponent.
  • If the score is equal, the game will be extended. The player who gained at least 2 points first is the one who will be awarded as the winner.
  • If the winner is unclear and there is a difficulty in deciding who wins the game, there are certain things to consider. What are these? If the player shows activeness, willingness, and submits to the attempts to attack, he or she will win the game.

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