Wrestling is one of the world’s famous sport. If this sport is that famous, how much more those who compete and win in this sport? There are wrestling combats being featured on the television screens nowadays. Whom do you think are the famous combat wrestlers?

The WWE ┬áis a famous television show being featured nowadays. If you had already watched it, I’m sure you also know the following list of professional wrestlers.

John Cena

He is an American wrestler, a professional one. Aside from being a wrestler, he is also a famous actor. Maybe because of his good body built that is why he could always win in every fight.

Kevin Nash

He was actually a basketball player before but he already retired. He joined wrestling and became that famous. Just like John Cena, he is also a member of the WWE and he is a well-known professional wrestler.

Big Show

Well, looking at his body built, he is really fit on wrestling. I guess he is really strong enough to let his opponent’s guard down. He is also a member of the WWE. He is also a well-known American actor.

Roman Reigns

You might be one of his fans, right? Did you know that his real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i? Wow! It’s a unique name and sounds really great like a warrior! He is a professional wrestler and also a member of the WWE.

Randy Couture

His real name is Randall Duane Couture. He was great! He was an army sergeant before, a martial artist, an actor, and a professional wrestler. Amazing!



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