Do you want to defend yourself against bad people? In our days today, a lot of people are becoming the victims of kidnappers, smugglers, robbers, and killers. If you are put in that kind of situation, what will you do? Will you let them do something bad to you? Or can you defend yourself against any possible harm? Think about it seriously.

It’s very difficult to trust someone nowadays. There is always a possibility for us to face danger wherever we are. That is why it is always important for us to learn some self-defense techniques. Among them is wrestling. It could be performed only as a sport but also for self-defense.

What is the origin of wrestling? When did it started?

In ancient times, wrestling has been performed in competitions. Nations such as Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, and Rome started the development of wrestling. These nations describe wrestling differently. Others regard it as a science and for some nations, it is just an art. Most of the players are young men.

Nowadays, wrestlers wear shorts during the competition. However, in the ancient times, they don’t wear anything. They fight though their body is barely seen naked. It became a tradition in the old days. Thankfully, it’s not like that any longer. If you want to be a wrestler, well, you need hard training. Make your muscles strong because it is greatly needed if you want to win. You must have the strength to bring your opponent down.

In the 18th century, there has been well-known professional wrestlers and it actually began in France.


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